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Anna Gonzales
Professional Summary

Accredited professional statistician of the American Statistical Association with over 30 years applied analytic and consulting experience in health services research, public health, and environmental science. Over 50 peer-reviewed publications and innumerable successful collaborations.
Retiring from the Federal government in May, 2016 and will be looking for challenging analytic and scientific projects to which I can contribute my statistical experience and expertise. Available on a part-time and contract basis. 

  • Statistical modeling and data analysis
  • Statistical consulting
  • SAS programming
  • R
  • Scientific writing and editing
  • Statistics instruction
Team Lead, Data Analysis and Survey Support Nov 2010Present US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office on Smoking and Health Atlanta, GA

Managed a team of 10 statistical analysts. Supervised the design, conduct, and analysis of state-based youth and adult tobacco surveys. Mentored researchers and team on appropriate analytic techniques.  Edited and reviewed manuscripts and presentations for both scientific and statistical content.  Co-author on peer-reviewed scientific journal articles.  Contracting officer for 6 million dollar multi-task analytic contract. 

Lead Analyst and Project Manager Mar 2000Nov 2010 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Diabetes Translation Atlanta, GA

Managed the analysis and data management team for the Translating Research into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD) project, a nationwide multi-center study of 15,000 diabetes patients in managed care.   Served as the CDC representative to the TRIAD papers and publications committee, reviewing, editing, and providing feedback on all TRIAD papers and analyses.  Co-author and analyst on numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations. Presented results to internal committees and at professional society meetings.


Provided technical guidance to the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization on chronic disease surveys and analyses. Consulted and supported analyses for the first ever diabetes survey in Central America. Advised public health officials in the U.S. Virgin Islands on appropriate analytical techniques. 

Adjunct instructor Jan 1996Jun 2001 Emory University Atlanta, GA

Taught graduate level SAS programming and data analysis course for the Rollins School of Public Health.

Statistical Analyst Apr 1993Mar 2000 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Practice Program Office Atlanta, GA

Conducted research on public health systems and the relationship between public health systems and health outcomes. Co-authored nearly one dozen publications, presentations, and a book chapter.   Advised national organizations on survey and statistical methods.  Designed a survey to establish a sampling frame for local health departments.  

Senior Consultant Sep 1986Apr 1994 ENVIRON International, Inc. Princeton, NJ

Compiled, managed, summarized, and analyzed field and laboratory data for over 100 remedial investigation sites. Analyzed groundwater monitoring data from 24 sites for a major pipeline corporation and developed a screening procedure to limit the number of constituents investigated. Determined appropriate cleanup levels based upon statistical characteristics of background measurements for a major industrial facility sited on a former landfill.  Defended results to a state environmental agency.  Built decision analysis and Monte Carlo risk assessment models. Instructed staff in programming and analysis.

Senior Environmental Consultant Jun 1984Jun 1986 SCI Data Systems Annapolis, MD

Analyst and co-author for a report on dissolved oxygen concentrations in Long Island Sound.  Designed database for Department of Defense environmental impact study.  Authored report to EPA demonstrating the frequency of stream low flow events based on recurrence intervals.  Coordinated a team of programmers in the acquisition conversion and analysis of historical estuarine data for EPA.  Analyzed impingement data for regional power company. Instructed DOD contract employees in advanced SAS skills.

Programmer Analyst Jan 1984Jun 1984 Clinical Computing Laboratory Charlottesvile, VA

Designed tumor registry for incorporation with major hospital database.  Co-authored article on microcomputer selection for the Journal of Infection Control.  Taught SAS short course to medical staff.

Research Assistant Sep 1981Dec 1983 Virginia State Climatology Office Charlottesville, VA Co-authored statistical study of thunder storm patterns published in Monthly Weather Review.  For the USDA, designed a computer program to predict forest pest outbreaks. Consultant and researcher for numerous, federal, state, and private contracts and grants.
Medicine Teacher Sep 1976Dec 1979 US Peace Corps Kathmandu

Served two years as a math/science teacher in an isolated mountain village. Established a school science center.  Invited and served a third year in an experimental university program as a lecturer in agricultural botany and zoology.

Master of Science : Environmental Sciences Dec 1983 University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA
Bachelor of Science : Biology\Chemistry May 1976 University of Miami Coral Gables, FL
Nepali, Spanish

1984-Present       American Statistical Association-Member

2000-Present       Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco-Member

1994-2000           Journal reviewer-Journal of Public Health Management and Practice

1994-Present       Journal reviewer-Public Health Reports

1994-Present       Journal reviewer-American Journal of Public Health

2000-Present       Journal reviewer-Diabetes Care

1996-Present       Membership Chair-Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Association

1998-Present       Board member-America Nepal Medical Foundation

1998-Present       Advisor-Nepalese Association in Southeastern America


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Pesko MF, Xu X, Tynan MA, Gerzoff  RB, Malarcher AM, Pechacek TF. Per-pack price reductions available from different cigarette purchasing strategies:United States, 2009-2010. Prev Med 2014:63(June)13-19.


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Major Pro Bono Collaborations:


Zimmerman M, Shah S, Shakya R, Chansi BS, Shah K, Munday D, Eyal N, Hayes B. A staff support programme for rural hospitals in Nepal.  Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2016;94:65-70.


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This is a real resume for a Team Lead in Atlanta, Georgia with experience working for such companies as Us Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Office On Smoking And Health, Division Of Diabetes Translation. This is one of the hundreds of Team Lead resumes available on our site for free. Use these resumes as templates to get help creating the best Team Lead resume.

Previous Companies:

  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Office on Smoking and Health
  • Division of Diabetes Translation

Previous Job Positions:

  • Team Lead
  • Data Analysis and Survey Support
  • Lead Analyst and Project Manager
  • Adjunct instructor
  • Statistical Analyst


  • University of Virginia
  • University of Miami

Level of Education:

  • Master of Science
  • Bachelor of Science

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