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DAL Sayga Flour Mills - Production Manager Resume Example

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Ryan Nelson

Most current position: Production Manager at DAL Sayga Flour Mills Khartoum, North Sudan | Email address: | 52 years old | Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America | Contact Numbers: 1-513-655-1067 and 1-513-843-4095

Career Objective:

Obtain challenging and rewarding position in a company where I can best utilize my management and administrative skills, procurement/ purchasing skills, negotiation abilities and production management skills. Interested in production phase of manufacturing, including production planning/scheduling, in-line production supervision, warehouse and inventory control, purchasing, quality control and sanitation, material planning, logistics or industrial engineering.

Summary of Qualifications:

Had assumed significant and promising responsibilities over the past 20 years in the different facets of the Manufacturing to wit: Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC), Warehouse and Materials Management, Quality Control and Sanitation, Production Operations, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing. With extensive working knowledge in computer software such as; ERP-EXACT, MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint. Had consistently attended training and seminars related to the enhancement in skills, customer service orientation and upgrading on the latest industry development for personal and professional growth. Demonstrated positive attitude even in a complex work environment. Willing to learn and impart new ideas, technologies and methodologies that would continuously improve craft and knowledge. Capable of handling a team that will ultimately achieve business goals. Well experienced, a leader and a motivator, disciplined, results/output oriented, has passion for personal growth and improvements, dependable, flexible, and maintain composure in a highly pressured and difficult working environment.

  • Administration and Management
  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Quality Control and Sanitation
  • Procurement/Purchasing and Negotiation abilities
  • Production Management
  • Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC)
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Internal Auditing (EMS and GMP/HACCP)
  • Product Costing
  • Cost Control
  • Business Writing
  • Computer Proficiency - MS EXCEL, MS WORD, MS POWERPOINT and Internet and Emails Communications
  • Establishing Systems and Procedures
  • Material Planning - MRP- EXACT and MS EXCEL
Production Manager 07/2011 to 08/2012
DAL Sayga Flour Mills Khartoum, SD
  • Responsible in managing and leading 5 Sugar Packing lines running on Fawema Machines using block bottom pre-made paper bags with a machine capacity of 1 ton/10-min operating 24 hrs/day.
  • In charge of 2 packing lines for tea and instant milk powder based on form-fill and seal machines.
  • Responsible in organizing and setting-up systems and procedures for Sugar Packing lines.
  • Responsible in training newly hired and permanent machine operators, technicians and labors to adopt with the new systems and procedures.
  • Designed cleaning/sanitation and maintenance procedures for all types of Sugar Packing line machines.
  • Initiate reduction in production wastage.
  • Increased machine efficiency from 72% to 85%. 
Production Head 05/2009 to 09/2010
Happy Chef, Inc. Navotas, PH
  • Managed and directly supervised a canning and processing lines of sardines, mackerel, squid, special squid products and corned beef in a high temperature and cold environment.
  • Participate actively in the regular meeting with the Department Heads, Operations Manager and Human Resource Manager for the review and setting- up of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of existing products and newly established product lines.
  • Headed a group of Line Leaders (14 members) and workforce (around 400 members) in the implementation or execution of production plans.
  • Prepare production schedules and do revision when necessary depending on the arrival of raw materials.
  • Allocate machines, number of manpower, time scheduling and setting up of production areas for different product lines.
  • Review and check daily production reports of the ten (10) production sections if complying with the production targets and meet the standard parameters set by the Quality Assurance Department.
  • Take lead in the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) along with the group of Line Leaders.
  • Meet daily production targets and minimize wastages.
  • Designed Production Manual in coordination with the team leaders inputs and document control officer.
  • Ensure cleanliness and sanitation of the entire production lines including the machines and equipment.
Department Head, Corporate Purchasing 01/2005 to 06/2008
Nutri-licious Foods Corporation Metro Manila, PH
  • Take lead in organizing and preparing annual purchasing plan for calibration into monthly and weekly, along with the group of buyers and obtain approval from the Finance Division Head to allocate budget.
  • Develop and maintain 2 to 3 reliable suppliers and issue Purchase Orders (PO) when ordering materials and supplies.
  • Participate in the annual strategic planning and budgeting along with the department heads, division head, and the president.
  • Manage and initiate global sourcing of strategic raw materials and packaging materials to come up with the competitive pricing at an agreed quality, quantity, technical support and delivery schedules.
  • Closely monitor and study sales records and inventory levels of current stock and identify at least 3 suppliers for the strategic materials.
  • Responsible in handling and monitoring the more complex or critical purchases and supervise group of buyers handling specific assignments for the raw and packaging materials, office supplies, marketing materials, utilities, tools, equipment and engineering parts and services.
Department Head, PPIC/Logistics 01/2005 to 11/2006
Nutri-licious Foods Corporation Metro Manila, PH
  • Directly handle Logistics/Production Planning and Inventory Control, Toll Manufacturing (rented Facilities in Pulilan, Bulacan).
  •  Prepare Master Production Plan of the tetra packaging juices and obtain approval from the biggest customer in Japan.
  • Regularly update and provide data to the customer as to the progress or changes in the production schedules through the use of internet communication and overseas phone calls.
  • Ensure materials availability to production by close coordination with the warehouse manager that was based in the main plant, or directly request suppliers to deliver raw materials and packaging materials for a timely delivery and distribution of finished goods to local and international customers.
  • Provide broker a plan indicating the delivery and positioning schedules of the nominated dry and reefer containers to meet the desired shipment schedules.
  • Able to export juices to Japan (one client only) and generate revenue of $1.5M/month.
  • Maintain an inventory level of at least two weeks for the regular/non-perishable raw materials and packaging materials.
Department Head, Toll Manufacturing and Material Planning 03/2002 to 01/2005
Nutri-licious Foods Corporation Metro Manila, PH
  • Prepare production and material plan of products manufactured in the main plant and rented facilities (toll manufacturers/processors) based on the sales orders and sales forecast.
  • Execute production and material plan through efficient coordination with the toll processors, purchasing, sales and marketing, inventory management, quality control and finance departments.
  • Handle over-all responsibility of monitoring, production scheduling, preparing and transferring of materials to be processed outside the main factory.
  • Take lead in transferring the processed powdered and tetra packaging juices to the main plant- finished goods warehouse after the incubation period.
  •  Responsible in the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system through the use of EXACT software.
  • Ensure availability of materials to production by maintaining minimum inventory levels and assure delivery of finished goods to customers.
Senior Supervisor, Inventory Planning and Warehousing 05/2000 to 03/2002
Nutri-licious Foods Corporation Metro Manila, PH
  • Determine and maintain minimum and maximum inventory levels of materials and finished goods in coordination with the sales, manufacturing plant and purchasing.
  • Check and ensure accurate recording of transactions relating to the actual receipts, issuances of materials and delivery of finished goods.
  • Conduct cycle count of the raw materials, packaging materials, goods-in process (GIP) and finished goods to evaluate accuracy of warehouse recording.
  • Determine fast moving, slow-moving and non-moving materials and provide management committee an updated information and recommend use of the slow-moving and non-moving to other product application.
  • Consolidate Monthly Performance Review (MPR) reports of all the departments in the manufacturing and present to the meeting attended by the department heads, division head, and the president.
  • Communicate quickly with the other department and division heads on any issues and concerns related to inventory.
  • Coordinate and schedule a month-end physical count with Accounting and Warehousemen.
Senior Supervisor, Productivity Services 06/1999 to 05/2000
Nutri-licious Foods Corporation Metro Manila, PH
  • Determine and monitor material and labor productivity of the three production sections by evaluating the actual values against the standards using the Bill of Materials (BOM) form. Any negative variances shall be coordinated with the production manager and production supervisors to initiate production improvements.
  • Conduct periodic review of material and labor productivity to determine if there is a need to modify standards.
  • Conduct time and motion study as a tool in determining labor productivity to process related activities of existing and new products.
  • Assist production manager's responsibility especially in major decision making on how to improve production efficiency and administrative functions.
  • Participate in the cost saving programs and minimization of wastage.
  • Participate actively in the implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) towards the ISO 14001 certification.
  • Appointed as one the Internal Sub-Auditors of EMS.
Section Head, Chilled Juices/Aseptic and Syruping Productions 03/1996 to 06/1999
Nutri-licous Foods Corporation Metro Manila, PH
  • Prepare Monthly Production Plan of the three sections of production indicating number of manpower, work schedules, production volume and material projections.
  • Ensure that the production personnel adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  • Consistent in achieving standard material and labor productivity without compromising quality.
  • Establish Quality Control Procedures and Measures of the newest automated and the most modern production line Aseptic Production.
  • Take lead in ensuring preventive maintenance along with machine operators of the processing tanks, blenders, steam jacketed kettles, plate heat exchanger (PHE), tubular heat exchanger, cooling tower, cooling- conveyor, centrifugal and mono pumps.
  • Determine the type and strength of chemicals for cleaning in place (CIP).
Production Technical Assistant 02/1995 to 03/1996
Nutri-licious Food Industry Inc. Metro Manila, PH
  • Assist production manager's job.
  • Execute process planning- determine required machines, tools, men and methods.
  • Schedule the work of the three sections - Processed Fruits, Hot-Filled - cup and bottled juices, and Chilled Juices. 
  • Check the progress and initiating corrective measures to ensure effectiveness and efficiency use of various factors and delivery of the products on the stipulated date.
  • Maintain standards of quality and providing means of inspection and technique to ensure the likelihood of the finished goods.
  • Coordinate with the section heads for the production plans, schedules and reports.
  • Collate and analyze production reports and submit to the production manager.
  • Analyze existing procedures and recommend improvements.
Production Manager cum PPIC Officer 04/1993 to 01/1995
Lingayen Food International Corporation Antipolo, PH
  • Managed and directly supervised production lines of the condiments and fruit preserves - canned and bottled that are distributed in local and international markets.
  • Prepare Monthly Production Plan in accordance with the Sales Projections/Sales Orders and obtain approval from the Plant Manager and Sales Manager Take lead in planning, organizing, leading/motivating/directing and coordinating with the staff and departments concerned to come across business targets.
  • Take part actively in the production control to minimize wastage.
  • Establish production standard measurements, by adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP requirements.
  • Optimum utilization of resources (manpower, machines, and materials).
  • Establish quality control standards and procedures.
  • Meet the production volume without sacrificing/compromising quality.
  • Conduct orientation and general assembly to newly hired production personnel discussing the company policy and awareness of GMP and HACCP.
  • Supervise the In-line production and recommend modification to speed up production process.
Quality Control Supervisor and Sanitation Supervisor 06/1990 to 04/1993
Seachamp Int'l. Export Corporation/Heiwa Export Int'l. Corporation Taguig, PH
  • Establish quality control inspection procedures of the incoming raw materials (dry and chilled), packaging materials and final frozen products - breaded shrimps, I. Q. F. shrimps and block frozen shrimps.
  • Conduct random weight sampling of goods-in process and finished goods before packing.
  • Monitor and maintain raw materials and frozen products temperatures, any drop in the temperatures will affect its quality.
  • Maintain plant and workers hygiene, sanitation and safety.
  • Conduct training and orientation to newly hired personnel and re-train personnel on the Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Schedule periodic calibration of weighing scales and digital/dial thermometers.
  • Prepare Production Plan and monitor productivity and quality of the entire processes.
  • Meet production volumes and targets.
Sales Engineer 05/1988 to 12/1989
Parexcel International Inc. Pasig, PH
  • Responsible in opening new sales accounts and maintain monthly sales targets of preventive and maintenance chemicals.
  • Introduce product lines and conduct sample demonstration to prospective customers.
  • Report daily sales and marketing activities.
Laboratory Analyst 12/1987 to 05/1988
Consolidated Foods Corporation
  • Conduct complete Chemical Analyses of food products such as; moisture content, ash, total solids, lactose and fats.
  • Prepare daily Chemical Analyses reports.
  • Gather and collect in-line production samples of coffee.
Chemist/Purchaser 02/1986 to 12/1987
L. M. Industrial Enterprises Makati, PH
  • Formulate and mix preventive maintenance chemicals.
  • Assist in the preparation of demo- samples.
  • Coordinate with the suppliers on the materials and packaging deliveries.
  • Assist in the marketing of preventive maintenance chemicals.
  • Perform office and clerical works.
Private Tutor 06/1985 to 03/1986
Private Tutorials (Self-Employed) Quezon City, PH
  • Perform Private tutorials to high school and college students on Chemistry and Math subjects. 
Bachelor's/College Degree: Chemical Engineering Mar 1985 Adamson University - Manila, PH
Bachelor's: Chemical Engineering Mar 1985 Adamson University -
  • Member, Adamson University Alumni Association, 1985-Present
  • Member of the Management Committee (MANCOM) Team, Nutri-licious Foods Corporation, 1999-2008
  • Elected as Board Member, NFC- Multipurpose Cooperative, 2002-2008
  • Appointed as NFC- Internal Sub-Committee Auditor,  2003-2008 for ISO 14001 certification
  • Appointed as GMP/HACCP Auditor, 2002-2008
  • Member, NFC- I CARE for the Customer, 2000-2001
  • Elected as Chairperson, NFC- 5S and Plant Housekeeping, 1996-1998
  • Member, Adamson University Chemical Engineering Society, 1981-1985
Training and Seminars
• ISO 9000 Version 2000, Philippine Trade Training Center- May 25, 2001.• On Line Training on Effective Communications Skills, NFC- March 19 - April 19, 2001.• I CARE for the Customer, Quality Audit, Trade Asset, Product Specifications, NFC- January 12, February 8, March 8 and June 14, 2001.• Environmental Management Systems, Magnolia Nestle Philippines- December 11 - 13, 2000• Environmental Management Systems Awareness, NFC- July 5, 1999.• Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, NFC- March 14, 1999.• Middle Management Training " Leading the Change Workshop", NFC- August 1 - 2, 1999• 5S Orientation Workshop, NFC- February 20, 1996.• Quality Circle "Bayanihan Team Leader", NFC- January 30 - 31, 1997.• Suggestion Scheme Seminar, NFC- January 23, 1997.• Production Management, INFOMAPP, NFC- December 3 - 5, 1996.• Productivity Through Management, Hotel Nikko, Makati- October 10, 1995.• Computer Proficiency; Computer Concepts, DOA, Wordperfect, Lotus 123, Foxpro Operations, EAST Asia- Far Eastern University, Manila, January 18 - February 7, 1995.
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Resume Details

This is a real resume for a Production Manager in Cincinnati, Ohio with experience working for such companies as Dal Sayga Flour Mills, Happy Chef, Inc. This is one of the hundreds of Production Manager resumes available on our site for free. Use these resumes as templates to get help creating the best Production Manager resume.

Previous Companies:

  • DAL Sayga Flour Mills
  • Happy Chef
  • Inc

Previous Job Positions:

  • Production Manager
  • Production Head
  • Department Head
  • Corporate Purchasing
  • PPIC


  • Adamson University

Level of Education:

  • Bachelor's/College Degree
  • Bachelor's

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