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Lucas Martin
  • XXXX XXXXXXXXX XX, Akron, OH 44203
Seasoned highly efficient and well organized professional; with over nine years of experience in programmanagement, security compliance. Diverse in assisting with the development and implementation of logisticspolicies, procedures and processes. Implements the best practices of technical security equipment operation.Accustomed in monitoring and auditing policy and procedural to comply with minimize exposure risk.
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Service Orientation
  • Monitoring
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Programming
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairing
  • Installation
  • Information Technology Project Management 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Surveillance and Inspection
  • Staff Management and Evaluation Security Operations
  • Profficient in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint
NIGHT SHIFT, 01/2013 to Present
SECURITAS Independence, OH

  • Guards and apply maximum-security measures for the protection of property, materiel, equipment, and personnel.
  • Skilled and trained in procedures of areas; such as, potential danger from fire, explosions, industrial accidents, theft, unauthorized entry, sabotage, espionage, and terrorist activities.
  • Performs and guards installation storage security checks where hazardous chemical munitions and agents were stored.
  • Special duties included roving patrol on foot operation of radio equipment vehicle within the toxic chemical area.
  • Prevents unauthorized or inadvertent entry into a limited/exclusion area, which utilizes multiple overlapping protection systems.
  • Serves on patrols designated as special response team.
  • Responsible for inventorying all security and keys and records inventory.
  • Issues keys to authorized persons.
  • Operates communication network, while maintaining communications with patrol units and directing actions in routine and emergency situations.
  • Performs in areas where high stress and physically demanding environments while applying maximum security measures in safeguarding items of critical importance to toxic chemical munitions, chemicals, special ammunition areas, classified documents/plans, etc.
  • Provides management information/recommendations regarding scenario, operational effectiveness.
  • Responds to emergency calls and conducted preliminary investigations of obvious crimes and other security breaches; such as, unauthorized presence, threats, robbery, or assaults.
  • Aides victims, apprehends and detaines violators for transfer to local law enforcement officials.
  • Issues reports of investigations and incidents.
  • Relays depositions and statements to investigators and prosecutors.
  • Standardized rules, procedures, or operations that required considerable training and experienced knowledge to perform the full range of standard clerical and non-clerical assignments and resolve recurring problems.
CABLE INSTALLATION, 01/2000 to 12/2012
  • Served as a systems monitor and operations troubleshooter, devising recovery plans for system failure situations.
  • As an Information System Specialist, monitored, isolated the causes of problems between hardware, system software, and applications cable programs.
  • Developed numerous strategies; for repairing software systems, using utility programs in isolating the source of complex problems.
  • Ability to detect damaged or lost files; optimized disk management; measured system performance; controlled system security; and extended operating system capabilities to support cable requirements.
  • Skilled in a wide range of computer techniques, requirements, methods, sources, and procedures, familiarity with approaches used by Automated Data Processing (ADP) organizations in the private sector in order to tailor vendor software to meet local needs, adapt hardware drivers to meet local equipment limitations, and participated in the design and implementation of local personal computer (PC) networks.
  • Responsible for projects that required analyzing system software needs; modifying vendor software; developed program and module designs and reviewed available programs/software; testing and validating programs; and documenting local PC networks.
  • Have knowledge in a variety of techniques and methods to evaluate alternatives, consideration of considerable data, inputs, outputs, decision logic tables and possible interfaces with other systems cable and telecommunication equipment.
  • Skilled to analyze network configuration system, to determine the correct software for vendor: ability to develop programming specifications for major modifications to existing systems.
SECURITY ASSISTANT, 01/2000 to 10/2009
  • Serves as a Security Assistant and primary point of contact on various security issues, policies, and procedures related to the Chemical Force Protection Program.
  • Provides guidance to Headquarters personnel and visitors on day-to-day security matters, and applicable regulations and procedures.
  • Applies and interprets regulations in determining type of protection required.
  • Conducts inspections to determine compliance with Chemical Protection Program requirements and to determine facility modifications required to ensure compliance.
  • Controls, issues and maintains continuous accountability of courier cards for Chemical Department.
  • Briefs and instructs requesters/users of courier cards on restrictions associated with the off-post transport of classified documents or material.
  • Assists and conducts security inspections such as Entry/Exit and formal inspections.
  • Reviews classified documents for proper markings.
  • Assists in arranging security measures for classified meetings.
  • Conducts spot inspections of automated gates for compliance with entry control requirements Approves/disapproves requests for security badges based upon regulatory controls.
  • Verifies the authenticity of need for recurring access and security clearance/investigative data before approving badge applications.
  • Submits or enters personal identification numbers for automated gate operations and maintains supporting records.
  • Organizes and maintains project and administrative files and reference material.
  • Observes security regulations for handling and storage of classified material.
  • Prepares a variety of reports, correspondence and program status documents required for effective office management.
  • Notifies office staff of needed technical input.
  • Responds to requests for information or develops one-time reports covering technically oriented matters when information is available in office records or files.
  • Updates internal regulations by using security classification guides, procedural guidance, other policies, and Command recommendations to finalize the new regulations.
  • Skilled to perform a variety of administrative functions in support of vehicle registration, and issuing security badges; extensive knowledge of specific security objectives, programs, methods and procedures is required to provide the most efficient customer service to a variety of customers and continue to meet compliance with regulatory guidance; while upholding outstanding customer service and support.
  • Resolved problems for which no policies or precedents exist or which affect operations or procedures beyond the scope of responsibility.
  • Implemented procedures that established and specify physical security guidelines, regulations, and policies are followed.
  • Responsible for tracking background investigation information in an automated data system while maintaining a comprehensive suspense file system on security actions in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Skilled in safeguarding and handling sensitive information by performing duties in compliance with company's established guidance, policies, and regulations.
  • Skilled in computer network systems; developed, prepared, and tracked information and reports.
  • Issued dates on files received for review and destroyed sensitive actions, as required by policy and procedures.
PROGRAM MANAGER, 01/1997 to 03/2000
  • Served as (PM) for the logistical management operations involving planning, coordinating, and evaluating specific actions required to support this weapon and fueling air craft equipment.
  • Utilizes knowledge of depot operations to include maintenance, supply, quality, logistics, and engineering to provide for the application of necessary skills and capabilities throughout the lifecycle of the KC135, F15 and B52.
  • Reviews and analyzes production problems; identifies and implements studies or projects involving mission implementation, technological advances and develops new methods and procedures.
  • Reviews technical data and production planning and translates it into logistics support requirements including facilities, equipment, material, parts, funding, manpower, training, transportation, and storage.
  • Integrates all logistics support requirements into a comprehensive plan for depot support.
  • Insures effective and economical utilization of resources by conducting assessments of problem areas relying upon specialists in each functional area for detailed investigations and data.
  • Functions as focal point and source of information coordinating and directing support Squadron.
  • Interfaces with officials from USAF, Major Subordinate Commands, Program Managers, Program Executive Offices (PEOs), and contractors performing Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) management responsibilities.
  • Ensure stabilized workload and corresponding depot budget for mission operations.
  • Conduct research on an ongoing revision to marketing plans strategies and planning the development of strategic alliances, and strategies to address competition.
  • Identifies marketing opportunities both within and outside of the Department of Defense on an ongoing basis developing and implementing revised, responsive marketing plans.
  • Coordinates visits with customers and stakeholders to include those at the major subordinate command levels, Air Force, Navy and other services, and private industry.
Team Leader Technical Support, 10/1997 to 01/2000
  • supporting Branch efforts through coordinating end assisting on short- and long-range planning for the development, operation, maintenance, promotion, and full use of the various recreation projects and associated natural resources.
  • Supervisor of Operations Branch, with supplemental direction in the form of work assignment, advice, counsel, and instruction on work and administrative matters.
  • Involved in policy development and administration.
  • Work is assigned in the form of broad outlines of objectives involving responsibility for effective and efficient technical and administrative accomplishment of work.
  • Performs a variety of coordinative, developmental, and maintenance duties relative to Branch program activities which are operationally implemented through Park Manager administrative efforts on-site at the various park and recreation facilities of the District.
  • Guidelines consist of established policies relative to the operation end maintenance of facilities, those providing direction for recreation and natural resource management, funding allocations, technical guides relative to outdoor recreation planning and related regulatory and law oriented guides.
  • Work independently with technical control, being responsible for completing work, including that relative to conflict through to completion.
  • Responsible for bringing controversial or potentially controversial policy questions or problems to attention of supervisor with recommendations for discussion and joint resolution.
  • Completed work is reviewed for adequacy in meeting program objectives and agreement with overall policies through discussion, review of report or correspondence, and review of program documents, achievements, end on-site field visits.
  • Serves as liaison between field personnel and District Office elements such as, but not limited to, Safety Office, Emergency Management, Logistics Management, Information Management, etc.
  • Insures that the field is informed of new procedures end that appropriate reports and forms are submitted by suspense dates to the appropriate office.
  • Serves as a logistics management specialist, within the organization working with the integration of all aspects of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services.
  • Independently initiates, plans, and carries out assignments within established policies and guidelines.
  • Incumbent must exercise a thorough knowledge of logistics and a working knowledge of regulatory guidance governing logistics policy updates, revision of Air Force Technical publications, performing studies and developing air craft projects.
  • Managed the Air Force, Digital Publications Management System (DPMS).
  • DPMS provides centralized management of all USAF regulations, pamphlets and forms, and improves publications management using an automated document management system with documents on the Internet.
  • Maintains the squadron publications and forms lists, and manages/populates the user database for each individual.
  • Analyzed and interpreted data to provide various special reports.
  • Managed the Policy Enrollment and Notification System, e-mail messaging system for all subscribers of this system, which notifies each subscriber that a publication has been revised, published or rescinded.
  • Served as subject matter expert and Agency lead for development and operation of DPMS.
  • Managed, developed and defined enhancements to DPMS, and wrote Statements of Work (SOW) for the development of enhancements.
  • Reviewed cost proposals, providing comments for each to the contract specialist.
  • Conducted testing and evaluation of individual DPMS enhancements.
  • Chairs Start of Work meetings, In-Process Reviews (IPRs), and Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions.
  • Reviewed and approved contractual deliverables such as Work Management Plans, Software Development Plans, Users Manuals and provided comments back to the developer.
  • Identifies existing or potential problem areas and recommends or initiates necessary corrective action or preventative measures.
  • Rendered advice and assistance to management pertaining to DPMS objectives, funding consideration, etc.
  • Serves as principal advisor to management on assigned projects and has the responsibility for developing/presenting briefings, to include training, to diverse audiences up to general officer and SES level regarding DPMS project goals and initiatives.
  • Independently responded to questions from higher headquarters and outside elements on all matters related to the assigned project.
  • Served as supervisor over an organizational squadron responsible for US troops, planned and directed work operations and exercised administrative authorities of subordinate workers; to include, equipment, facilities, and materials on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis.
  • Established deadlines, priorities, work sequences, and planned work assignments based on general work schedules, methods, and policies.
  • Assigned work to employees and provided technical direction and assistance to accomplish mission.
  • Observed work in progress, investigated work-related problems; such as, excessive costs or low productivity, and determined causes; to implement, used corrective actions within authority.
  • Resolved work problems and recommended solutions to staffing problems, engineering requirements, and work operations directed by other supervisors.
  • Controlled all property for the unit supervised, serving as the hand receipt holder; toke necessary action to assure the proper care, custody and use of property and the maintenance of appropriate property records.
  • Responsible for assets totaling 50million dollars of aircraft hardware and equipment.
  • Skilled mechanic in variety of aircrafts; not limited too; KC135, F15 and B52, assigned to Base for mission support.
  • Skilled in flight test assignments; involving aircraft with substantially modified systems and are characterized by a high degree of hazard.
  • Base assignment required the application of a very high degree skilled technician to determining the aircraft performance and flight characteristics under critical flight conditions of loading, speed and maneuvers.
  • Skilled in test requirements influence flight characteristics to a pronounced degree.
  • Have an exceptionally wide background of experience and training to advise test engineers and others of aircraft capabilities for viable test plans.
  • Supervised configuration of aircraft to ensure compliance with safety, weight and balance criteria.
  • Carried out a variety of duties to provide a pro-active aviation safety program, provided advice and recommendations to the Commander and staff concerning all areas of aviation safety.
  • Ensured all required safety inspections and reports are submitted/completed IAW Air Force Regulations.
  • Investigated accidents and incidents involving aircraft.
  • Conducted airfield and safety inspections.
  • Ensured runways were inspected daily for flight safety hazards and determined the need to close runways for implementing airfield restrictions based on weather factors, pavement suitability and accident/incidents.
  • Researched technical standards; selected, developed and reviewed designs and technical proposals for all airfield repairs and new construction.
  • Exercised independent judgment and discretion to interpret the long and short term aviation needs to develop function, which governed the overall aviation services, flight support, aircraft maintenance, flight advisory service, airfield operations and airfield facilities.
  • Ensured organization's strategic plan, mission, vision and values are communicated to the team and integrated into the team's strategies, goals, objectives, work plans and work products and services.
  • Prepared reports, maintained records, work accomplishments and personal administrative information and coordinated the preparation, presentation, and communication of work-related information to the supervisor.
  • Represented the team consensus and conveyed the team's findings and recommendations in meetings and dealings with other team leaders, program officials, and customers on issues related to or that have an impact on the team's objectives, work products and/or tasks.
  • Estimated and reported to the team on progress in meeting established milestones and deadlines for completion of assignments and ensured that all team members are aware of and participated in short term and long term planning for achievement of team goals and objectives.
  • Assisted the team in assessing its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provided leadership to the team in exploring alternatives and determining what improvements should be made.
High School Graduate: Jan 1976 Morgan State University -
  • United States Air Force Commendation Medal 
  • United Air Force Achievement Medal 
  • Numerous Federal and Civil service awards.

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